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Friday, February 26, 2010

Golf Magazine's Alan Bastable live blogged the second round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open. LeaderboardPhoenix Travel Guide | Course Profile | TV Schedule

6 p.m.  That's it for me. I've got a beer pong match to attend. Enjoy the weekend. I'll be pulling for Lehman. Like to see him teach these kids a thing or two...5:52 p.m.  Fowler drives the green at the par-4 17th ... then four-putts. That may be one of the toughest bogeys in the history of golf.5:49 p.m.  Another "Being John Daly" promo. Why can't the GC come up with some more original programming, something like "Being Jeff Maggert." Now that I'd watch.  5:39 p.m.  Golf Channel news flash: Gatorade has ended its endorsement deal with Tiger. Ouch. Talk about a Gatorade dunk. Can Nike be far behind?

5:37 p.m.  Steve Sands of the GC is playing beer pong with the college-aged rowdies in the 16th hole bleachers. Not sure what's funnier: Sands trying to explain to viewers what beer pong is, or him trying to have a conversation with a half dozen dudes who are each a 12-pack deep. Great TV.    5:32 p.m.  Journeyman Jay Williamson is snapping pictures with his camera phone on the 16th tee. Isn't that some sort of Rules violation?5:28 p.m.  A Villegas birdie from 6 feet at No. 10 gets him back to 9-under. Villegas, Fowler, AK, Quiros. I'm liking this leaderboard. Lehman could be their grandpa, but I like having him in the mix too. 5:24 p.m.  Yahtzee! Fowler cans his birdie putt at 16 then tosses his rock into the stands. He's at 8-under, just two back.5:22 p.m.  Poulter shoots 63 today then tweets "it could have been really low today." Makes you feel good about your game, don't it? 5:18 p.m.  My bad. Sabbo made bird at 18. He's only 12 back of AK.5:16 p.m.  Here comes Rickie! Rickie Fowler, the 21-year-old "it" kid, steps up to 16. When asked what Fowler's future might hold, Frank Nobilo offers remarkably tempered comments by GC standards -- "my jury's still out," Nobilo says. Fowler sticks an 8-iron to 10 feet.  5:12 p.m.  Kim bends home his birdie try at 18. That gets him to 10-under—13 shots better than Sabbatini. 5:06 p.m.  Good ol' Billy Mayfair makes his way to 16 to the roars of the masses. Mayfair's a Scottsdale resident so the fans eat him up. His 8-iron finds the green, but barely. Ahead at 18, Kim knocks his approach from the right rough to 15 feet. He'll have that birdie putt for the solo lead.4:57 p.m.  Great job by the Golf Channel, which just showed a split-screen of Kim and Mickelson hitting recovery shots from earlier in the day. AK had to swing from the left and Lefty from the right ... and both swings looked a helluva lot better than mine. 4:54 p.m.  Check that—U.S. is leading 6-zip in the third. Stick with the golf. AK just became the first player today to drive the green at the par-4 17th. Have some, Sabbo!4:50 p.m.  Anybody else watching USA-Finland right now? Tempting, isn't it? And I don't even like hockey.4:48 p.m.  Top 3 cliches used to describe the 16th: "It's a giant frat party." "It's like the Colosseum." "Guys start thinking about it in the parking lot." Tom Lehman runs in a chip at 18 (his ninth hole) for a birdie 3 and a share of the lead. Lehman's one of those guys who could win at 60. 4:43 p.m.  What's the opposite of the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale? The reader comments' section on this blog. C'mon, dudes, a little chatter goes a long way. Oh, Kevin, sorry, I don't know what's up with Alvaro's hair, but it's a good question. Send your query to Alan Shipnuck's mailbag. He tends to know that kind of stuff.  4:39 p.m.  So apparently Sabbatini and AK have been sparring today. Something about an argument over who was away a few holes back. Matt Kuchar, who is also in their group, has had to play referee, the Golf Channel reported. Can't say that it comes as any huge surprise — AK and Sabbo are two of the hardest heads on tour.  4:34 p.m.  Ouch. Sabbo blasts his bunker shot over the jar and off the green. More boos. Sabbo angry!!!4:30 p.m.  Rory Sabbatini, a former Arizona Wildcat, gets the business from the fans at 16 (they're ASU lovers 'round these parts). Sabbo has claimed that the pressure at 16 is a non-factor for him, but it didn't like it with that swing. He blocks his shot into the bunker right. AK, who's in his group, steps up next and stuffs it to 3 feet. Sweet.  4:23 p.m.  Brian Gay, playing with Camilo, has birdied four of his last five. I still can't figure out what skills that guy has that others don't, but when he gets going, he's as good as anyone. He's at 4-under, one better than the projected cut. 4:19 p.m.  David Toms (-4) finds a bunker at 16 and the boo birds start chirping. Back at 6, Villegas, donning jarringly yellow pants, burns his birdie try from 30 feet. The leaders remain at 9-under 4:15 p.m.  Any thoughts on how Tiger might be greeted at 16 this week? Just thinking aloud here. 4:11 p.m.  Every year a bunch of Hunter S. Thompson wannabes show up at the Phoenix Open to write a piece on the hijinks at 16. My turn came back in '06. I spent a few days there, chasing tales and talking to the crazies (I can’t find the story on, though I did find it elsewhere translated from English to Korean and back to English. It's beyond mangled though in some ways the translation actually makes the piece better.) One of the more interesting characters I met was Jock Holliman, one of the marshals charged with shushing the gallery around the 16th tee. “One of the tricks of this job,” he told me, “is you have to study each player’s address and their speed and their routine so that you know when to call for quiet. If you call it too early, the crowd starts to buzz again, and if you call it too late, you’ve interrupted the players’ concentration and they’ll back off and start their deal again. You have to learn the players’ individual routines.” Man, could that dude marshal.4:07 p.m.  Anthony Kim is sizzling with three birds through his first five holes—d'oh, just as I'm writing this he rinses his tee shot at the par-5 15th. Still, a great start. He's at 7-under. Seems like decades since AK last won.4:04 p.m.  Is there a better marketing gimmick in all of sports than the 16th at the Phoenix Open? Encircle a hole with bleachers, roll out some kegs and ... presto, you've got half a million fans. Frankly I'm surprised more tourneys haven't followed their lead.3:59 p.m.  With a bogey at the fourth, Villegas has slipped back to 9-under. He's knotted with Perez and Quiros. 3:57 p.m.  Nice touch by Waste Management installing solar-powered trash compactors around the course this week. Challenge will be getting the 16th hole faithful to use them. Late in the day the acreage around that hole typically looks like a battlefield, with beer cups in place of corpses.  3:51 p.m.  Uh-oh. Charlie Rymer is manning Golf Channel's pre-game coverage. Hope Saunders' 79 didn't move him to tears.3:48 p.m.  Forget the golf. The real fun this week is the people-watching at the raucous par-3 16th. Pie-faced frat boys hit on cougars in skinny jea
ns and Jimmy Choos. Beer-bellied bumpkins lounge on the hillside behind the green. And clusters of Thunderbirds (the secret society that runs the event) mosey about in their tunics. It's like a Dan Brown novel on acid.   3:43 p.m.  Tough week for Sam Saunders (aka, Arnie's grandson). Poor guy shot a 79 today. That's like a 104 at Oakmont.   3:38 p.m.  Philly Mick, the ASU man and darling of TPC Scottsdale, carded a 68 to match his Thursday tally. That leaves him at 6-under for the tournament. He'll need a big Saturday to get back in the mix. Nice to see Lefty back on the circuit after taking his family on vacation last week. You can tell too. When some guys go on hollies, they grow scruff. Lefty grows a mullet. A stringy, creepy mullet. 3:34 p.m.  Matt Every is in solo third place at -8. And seven players are 7-under, including Match Play champ Ian Poulter, who posted the round of the day thus far: a flawless, eight-birdie 63.   3:30 p.m.  Welcome back to our live blog coverage of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, where drunk is the new black. Golf Channel coverage of today's sure-to-be-rowdy second round doesn't start for another 30 minutes, but we'll get you going with some scores and virtual heckling. Your leader remains Camilo Villegas, who has gotten it 10-under for the week after birdieing the par-4 second hole just minutes ago. Nipping on his snuggly tailored slacks is the Spanish bomber Alvaro Quiros (-9) and Pat Perez (also -9), who is to golf what this guy is to squash. Perez is in the clubhouse after a four-birdie, one-bogey 67. Quiros is making his way up 18.   

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