By petedirenzo
Friday, February 19, 2010

There's one thing we know for certain about Tiger Woods. Besides that, I mean. Tiger doesn't like being used and he really, really doesn't like others making money off his name or image. It turns out Tiger can manage his way around the real world as well as he thinks his way around a golf course. The shot of the year in golf belongs to Tiger, who outsmarted the world's paparazzi the other day and cost them a lot of money. And in the case of anybody versus the paparazzi, we always root for anybody. The bounty for the first post-scandal Tiger photo may have risen as high as $1 million but nobody collected because Woods staged a photo shoot Wednesday with long-time PGA Tour photographer Sam Greenwood to supply a shot to Getty Sports, which released the image (Tiger out jogging) free to assorted media outlets. Here's some of the whining from

According to TMZ,
Tiger may have inked a deal with Getty, a non-paparazzi,
subscription-based photo agency, allowing them to snap the first photo
of him. Why? Because he wanted to screw the paparazzi. Sources tell TMZ that just one day prior to the Tiger photo being
released, Getty inked a "multi-year deal" with the PGA. How convenient.

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