By petedirenzo
Friday, February 12, 2010

Sports Illustrated's Farrell Evans is live-blogging the second-round broadcast of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-am. Join the conversation by leaving a question or comment below. LeaderboardRound 1 Photos | Celebs at the AT&T | TV Schedule 6:03pm: Duval is tied for the lead. Bye again. 6:00pm: Well folks, the live blog is closing for the day. Look out for Duval to stay in the hunt this weekend. And for more tweets from Alan Shipnuck from the tournament. Maybe he and Pavin will have a peace accord over a beer. Peace.

5:53pm: Shipnuck has followed Pavin all day but can't get any love in the interview round.From Alan: So I just had a summit with Pavin aka @RC_CAPTAIN_2010. I had to ask him a few random ?s. He said,"I know you," but otherwise betrayed nada. Apparently, Pavin is mad about a story Alan wrote fifty years ago. Alan remembers the story as being "flattering."  5:45pm:  More on Duval: He has to play on sponsors exemptions this year. He's in the first two majors based off of his finish at the Open. Maybe he can put together four good rounds at the Masters. That would be a story even better than Tiger coming back to win at Augusta on his first event of the year.  5:39pm: alex h. said..."Farrell, are you actually watching the telecast? Duval just made another birdie, is at 9 under, and has another 18 footer for birdie coming up. You last mentioned the guy 2 hours ago - last time you mentioned him was 2 hours ago. What gives?" I know. I'm missing the best story on the golf course. I got transfixed with Brandi Chastain and Berman. Hopefully, Duval can hang around the whole week. I think he'll show up a few times this year with great play. 5:36pm: There is a four-way tie for the lead at 10-under—Johnson, Holmes, Molder and Cejka.  5:27pm: Ricky Barnes is on the screen, struggling along at 2-under. I'm still amazed that he made it into the back nine at the U.S. Open last year with a chance to win. I have never seen a worse swing under pressure at a major. But he hung in there. 5:16pm: Steve Stricker will be a No. 1 seed at the Accenture Match Play. No Phil or Tiger. It's going to be an interesting week.  5:10pm: The 5pm deadline to enter the match play next week has passed and Tiger is not in the field. My guess is that he won't return until the Masters, where the crowds will be under control. 5:00pm: Whatever happened to Vijay Singh? We forget about him even when he's not gone. Isn't he a Top 10 player? Right now he's tied for 17th at 6-under. I wonder will his ego allow him to play the Champions Tour in a few years?  4:50pm: J.B. Holmes is two back of the leader at 9-under. With his length I don't know why he doesn't contend every week. Oh, I know why. He plays slow as hell! I mean have you ever seen a long hitter play so slow? 4:38pm: Costa said..."If the PGA still punished erratic drives, Pavin would be a contender. Maybe the new groove rules will once again reward accurate drives, but it seems unlikely." Sorry, Costa. The Golf mafia would have to rollback the driver and ball for that to happen. Too bad for the Pavins and Mike Reids of the world. 4;32pm: Darn, I spoke too early. I hear that Phil has hit it OB off of 1. 4:28pm: A thought on Padraig Harrington, who is with Jim Gray: He is an accountant's idea of a great golfer. He's the kind of guy who would have made a great efficiency expert for a paint company. Everything is analyzed to death. 4:24pm:  Shipnuck is tough on geezers. Here is his backhanded compliment of Pavin: Pavin's 40 yards back of Pat Perez. Wielding lumber again... A laser pin high! There's still some magic left in that old, wrinkly body! 4:20pm: Shipnuck reports that surfer king, Kelly Slater is playing in the Pavin group. "Nice swing, says Shipnuck, "distressing lack of groupies."  4:18pm: joel said..."I think I'm just about sick of seeing everybody riding on the coat tails of Philis Mickey. I personal can't stand the guy, and have never be fan. I'm pulling for stricker, fowler, Donald, and pretty much anybody ahead of phil." I'm hard on all the players but I love Phil. He's a real guy. The smile seems fake but trust me he's a good dude and great for the game. 4:14pm: From Shipnuck's twitter post from the Spyglass: "Spy's 8th is tight, very uphill, brutal green. Pavin bunted a nice drive down the middle. Now a Shinnecockesque hybrid next to the flag!!"  4:12pm: Sam Saunders, Arnold Palmer's grandson, got another exemption this week. He's 3-under and playing fine, but there are some past Tour winners who didn't get into the field. I'm not hating on Saunders and the obvious nepotism, but he doesn't have a great resume. 4:05pm: Jim Gray singing "Country Road" with Vince Gill. Enough said. 4:00pm: Phil Mickelson is tearing up Spyglass. He is five-under for the day and three shots off the lead with 9 holes to play. He has to win this week. 3:52pm: We have an Alex Cejka sighting, now tied for the lead with Johnson. He practically disappeared after blowing it at the Player's Championship last year. 3:47pm: Brandi Chastain, the third best women's soccer player of her era, best known for pulling off her jersey at the World Cup, is the featured player on the Golf Channel. The guys in the TV booth are presenting her as a real player.  3:43pm: Dustin Johnson has taken the outright lead at 10 under. I wish that I could watch him hit some shots. Instead I suffer through more Chris Berman. 3:35pm:  Duval is still 7 under. He's just hanging in there. He looks as if he always a shot away from a 78. 3;29pm: Alan Shipnuck, on-site at Pebble Beach, reports that Tony Romo's group is moving with an army of women in heels. 3:26pm: We get to see Chris Berman of ESPN but not Phil or Daly. Wow, great work Golf Channel. 3:16pm: Reader MJames said: David Duval is looking good, I'm a little upset the golf channel isn't showing any coverage of the other golfers playing spyglass or monterey penisula! Daly and Phil are playing Spyglass HillMy friend that is a lot of real estate to cover. But I agree it would be great to see the other courses and  Daly in his colored pants.. 3:12pm: This will be a successful tournament if it doesn't rain over the weekend. I have never been a fan of lift, clean and place. But I know it's a necessary evil. 3:02pm: Reader Kevin asked: "Hopes Steve Marino goes strong, he's my A squad fantasy pick!"
Marino is 5 under and with his swashbuckling style don't be surprised to see him play well in the weekend. 3:00PM: Welcome back to live blog. Dustin Johnson and Kevin Streelman share the lead. But the golf Gods are hoping that by the end of the day David Duval, who is two back, can get a piece of the lead.

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