By petedirenzo
Monday, February 01, 2010

The best save of the week belonged to Robert Karlsson, who stopped at a roadside car accident on his way to the Doha Golf Club for the final round of the Qatar Masters, which he won for his 10th career European Tour victory. Fellow tour player Oliver Wilson had just been involved in a rear-ender in a courtesy car he was taking to the course. Karl MacGinty reported for the Irish Independent:

Wilson was bruised and winded but paid tribute to his seatbelt for sparing him serious injury when the BMW 745 courtesy car in which he was being ferried to the course piled into the back of a van.
"I think the courtesy car driver was excited to get his hands on a nice BMW and took off a bit quick," said Wilson. "I was just looking at my phone and he suddenly slammed on the brakes. By the time I looked up, all I could see was this white transit van halfway up the bonnet. We got into him quite hard. I just got a bit winded, but if I
hadn't been wearing my seatbelt, it would have been quite messy. I went to have some physio and it seems everything's cool."Karlsson arrived upon the scene shortly after the accident. "We just stopped to
see if everyone was okay and Oliver stepped out. So I just said: 'Get in. Let's go'," said the Swede.

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