Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Good thing Tiger Woods only needs to win golf tournaments, not elections, because his poll numbers aren't looking too good.According to a new Rasmussen Report telephone survey, only 38 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Tiger Woods. That's down from 83 percent two years ago, and 56 percent last week when the Woods scandal first broke.Drill down and the numbers look even worse for Woods: 49 percent of Americans view Woods unfavorably. Woods is often called the most famous athlete in America, and the Rasmussen poll proves that is true by a remarkable margin.In 2007, even NFL stars like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady couldn't come close to the name recognition or favorable ratings of Woods. Manning was viewed favorably by 59%, Brady by 49% and golfer Phil Mickelson by 50%. All three men were unknown to large segments of the population.Woods shouldn't expect the story to blow over anytime soon. If anything, the Rasmussen poll shows interest in the Woods scandal is growing.Fifty-three percent (53%) of Americans say they're following the Tiger Woods story at least somewhat closely, but only 18% are following it very closely. Both figures are up from a week ago.

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