By petedirenzo
Sunday, November 29, 2009

The twitterverse had plenty to say about Tiger Woods's recent car-accident drama. From fellow tour pros and golf journalists to musicians and comedians, here's a sampling of what they had to say, both serious and humorous. sethmeyers21 (actor, comedian) Feel like Woods household right now is a bunch of people
brainstorming, "what is any other plausible reason for this
accident?"  (about 2 hours ago)rainnwilson (actor, comedian) If Elin Nordegren didn't use a "Nike Forged Iron"(tm) on
his car & face, Nike should get their sponsorship money back 4
breach of contract.  (about 12 hours ago)Johncmayer (musician) American media, the giant clown's mouth that's about to swallow Tiger Woods' 18th hole shot on the mini-golf course of fame. (about 17 hours ago)   si_damonhack (senior writer, Sports Illustrated) You have to wonder which car accident will end up being more famous - Hogan or TW. (about 21 hours ago) eamonlynch (executive editor, Golf Magazine) Tiger Woods declines to talk to cops again today. Wonder if
we'll see him flee Isleworth in a white Bronco with Mark O'Meara at the
wheel. (21 hours ago)EricaBlasberg (LPGA Tour player) Thanks for bringin us the real dirt! I'm team tiger! (23 hours ago) ThePCreamer (LPGA Tour player) This is crazy how many reporters/news casters just sit outside the gates of isleworth waiting.  (Yesterday)ThePCreamer There honestly must be 50 trucks just waiting. Poor tiger can't have any peace. I wonder how many days they will be out waiting??  (Yesterday)michaelwalkerjr (senior editor, Golf Magazine) Windermere FL has a mayor? There are barely 2,000 residents.    (7:12 p.m. Nov. 27)eamonlynch (executive editor, Golf Magazine) Tiger's defense ought to be to blame Hank Haney. He hasn't
driven anything straight since he started working with him.    (5:51 p.m. Nov. 27)nikegolf (equipment manufacturer) We are extremely sorry to hear about Tiger's accident, but
are pleased that he's doing fine. We are thinking of him and wish him
well.    (2:47 p.m. Nov. 27)GaryVanSickle (senior writer, Sports Illustrated) Think Tim Finchem's heart didn't skip a beat when he
heard Tiger Woods was hospitalized after a car accident? Tour owes TW a
lot.  (1:01 p.m. Nov. 27)For more twitter chatter about the Tiger Woods story, follow the SI Golf Group.

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