By petedirenzo
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ATLANTA -- The FedEx Cup champion should be a winner, according to PGA Tour veteran Jim Furyk. You expect that kind of manly talk from a guy with ties to the Steel City, where his beloved Steelers play.
The interesting part is, Furyk has a chance to win the FedEx Cup outright without winning during the so-called playoffs, or at any other time in 2009, for that matter. Furyk is third in the points race, the only player in the top 5 without a victory this season. If he finishes second at East Lake, he would have 3,500 points, which might very well be good enough to win the Cup if the rest of the top 5 stumble. Heck, it's possible third could do the trick.
"I don't think someone should be able to win the championship without winning a golf tournament," Furyk told writers Wednesday afternoon at East Lake. "It would be a testament to a good, solid season. But if you're going to win a championship, you're going to have to win something along the way, in my opinion. I know it could happen, mathematically, but I'd sit here and look at you all and say, it's not my damned fault. I'll take the cash. I've got no problem with that.
"I'd be like Sylvester, I just swallowed a Tweety bird and that would put a big smile on my face. But that probably wouldn't be good for the system."
Of course, Furyk could also win the $10 million the old-fashioned way. Any of the players currently in the top 5 would secure the Cup by winning the Tour Championship.  But please, don't ask Furyk what he'll do if he wins the big prize. He doesn't deal in hypotheticals. "I haven't enjoyed the whole what-if with the new points," Furyk said. "What would you do with the money if you won it? I've had people ask what if, what if, what if, all the way down the line. It doesn't matter until we tee it up and figure it out."

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