By petedirenzo
Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tiger-Woods-Times-Square2 It wasn't exactly the Beatles on top of the Apple building, but Tiger Woods slowed double-decker tourist buses, clogged sidewalks and had giddy New Yorkers stepping out into city traffic to snap cell-phone pictures when he played three holes of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 against Late Show host Jimmy Fallon Thursday morning in Times Square. The showdown, a promotional stunt to hype the newly released video game, will appear on the Late Show tonight, which will also feature Woods as a guest. Tiger won't be excited to see it all over again. Dressed in his Sunday best (red shirt, black pants, etc.) Woods was literally beaten at his own game by Fallon. The pair played the 10th, 11th and 14th holes at Bethpage, causing Tiger to remark early on that he didn't have high hopes since he hadn't played the course very well last weekend. Fallon started with bogey, but he had an excuse. A group of shocked tourists on the open upper level of a passing double-decker recognized Woods and began shouting during Fallon's backswing. With Woods looking at a par putt, all seemed bleak for the TV host until Tiger uncharacteristically four-jacked, handing the hole to Fallon. As Woods was lining up his putt on the next hole, ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, who hosted along with Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman, asked, "The putting's a lot harder this year isn't it?" To which Woods quipped, "On the game or in real life?" As Tiger went on to three-putt, Van Pelt went all Johnny Miller on him, saying, "Dude, you suck." Earlier, Woods had given it to Van Pelt about coining the term "flopadopolis" in a recent Titleist commercial. "That's weak," Tiger pronounced.Tiger's suffering didn't last long, as Fallon put his first shot on the par-three 14th on the front fringe, then drained an 83-footer for birdie. Tiger conceded the hole, answered a few questions from Van Pelt, thanked the crowd and then disappeared into a nearby building.Photo: Evan Agostini/APFlyover videos of Bethpage Black from Tiger's new video game | Tiger Tracker

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