By petedirenzo
Saturday, June 20, 2009

This is Tiger Woods’s 13th season on tour. He has won 14 major championships.
It’s an astonishing record, but it also lends a little perspective. It only seems
as if Tiger wins most of the majors he plays. In fact, it’s roughly one a year,
which means the other three go to someone else. NBC's Dan Hicks keeps mouthing
surprise that Woods, as the overwhelming favorite coming in, is in the middle
of the pack. But Tiger is always a favorite going into any major, and three
times out of four he fails to deliver. I know he played beautifully on the weekend
at the Memorial, but I keep flashing back to his Friday 74 there. That same
imprecision doomed Woods during his first round of the Open. Woods’s greatness
is not in question, but golf is fickle, and winning is harder than it looks. It's the majors Tiger doesn’t win that make you realize how amazing it is that
he has managed to win 14 of them.Tiger Tracker | Evolution of Tiger's Swing | Photos: Tiger's Career | Sports Illustrated Covers

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