By petedirenzo
Friday, June 19, 2009

One of the quirks of the rain-delayed schedule: Tiger Woods played only 12 holes today, but he's done until 1:36 p.m. tomorrow. Phil Mickelson will play all day today and, if he doesn't get in 36, will be first out tomorrow morning. Like most tournaments, the U.S. Open alternates tee times. If you're first out in the first round, you're last out in the second round, and vice versa. They're sticking with that arrangement. So the players who finish round 1 this afternoon will be due on the tee shortly thereafter to start round 2. (They have the "early" round 2 tee times.) Those who finished round 1 this morning will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to start round 2. (They have the "late" round 2 tee times.)Mickelson is scheduled to tee off at 5:06 p.m. EST Friday. Players who start round 2 this afternoon and do not finish before dark will start early tomorrow, weather permitting. Here is a complete list of second round tee times.

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