Friday, June 19, 2009

Michael Walker Jr., senior editor for GOLF Magazine, will blog the afternoon action at the U.S. Open starting at 1:00 p.m. EST. Missed the morning rounds? Alan Bastable live blogged them hereFollow these live updates @michaelwalkerjr on Twitter.Leaderboard | Photos | Join SI GOLFNation

8:30 p.m. We're sounding the horn here at Live Blog Headquarters.Thanks to everyone who read this marathon blog, and especially those who made comments. You all make these blogs fun. Special thanks to morning live-blogger Alan Bastable, friends of the blog Connell Barrett, Dick Friedman, David Feherty, David Dusek, Eddie Merrins, Jon Tattersall and Brady Riggs, and tireless producer Anne Szeker.See you all tomorrow. Bring an umbrella.8:25 p.m. Phil will finish 1-under for the day through 11 holes of Round 2. Good start.8:23 p.m. The siren sounds and players now have the option of finishing their hole or starting in the morning.The Long Island sunset looks beautiful but we're saving the Great Gatsby quotes for Sunday.8:17 p.m. Phil Mickelson on 11 at 1-under. His approach lands about 20 feet away. 8:15 p.m. Lucas Glover is your leader at 6-under. Mike Weir at 4-under after bogey on No. 9. 8:12 p.m. ESPN reports it's getting hard to see and this should be the last hole.8:09 p.m. Commercial for the best rangefinder on Tour strikes me as strange since they're not allowed during tournaments. Personally, I don't use one, but I don't mind if friends do (as long as they don't go Mason-Dixon on me). Where do you stand?How do you feel about rangefinders?A. "I never play without one."B. "Not for me, but I don't mind if my buddies use them."C. "Players who used rangefinders should be bludgeoned with their belly putters."D. "Yardages? That's what caddies are for. Jeeves, mix me another stinger."BTW, Phil just dropped one on 10 and he's now 1-under.8:07 p.m. Ricky Barnes goes to 5-under with a birdie on 7 and he's now in a three-way tie for the lead. Meanwhile, D.J. Trahan (7-over) had an "incident" with his putter and is now putting with his driver.8:03 p.m. Co-leader Lucas Glover (5-under) has a very makeable birdie putt on his 12th hole.Ignore me now, Live Blog!8 p.m. Golf at dusk beats golf at dawn every time.7:58 p.m. Another birdie for Adam Scott, now 2-under. Hmmmmmmm. ESPN reports they'll be about 15 minutes more of play. 7:55 p.m. Bloomberg News' Mike Buteau, the Tiger Woods of Twittering golf writers, has a reminder that Dad usually gets hosed on Father's Day: p.m. Phil just misses another birdie on No. 9. 7:45 p.m. Adam Scott makes birdie on 18--his ninth hole--and is 1-under. Sergio three-putts from about two feet and goes to 1-over. Earlier this year, I asked Scott about his lack of success at majors:People act like it's this easy thing to do and it's not. There have
been many great players who didn't win majors. Phil went a long time
without winning one. Maybe I should ask Phil what he did to get over
the hump. Because when he got oover the hump he won three in three
7:38 p.m.  Upset that the Live Blog has ignored him, Lucas Glover is now 5-under and tied for the lead. Hey, it's a long tournament, we have to conserve our enthusiasm. Hamilton has fallen to 3-under.Scott emails: It's good the USGA will give a partial refund to Thursday ticketholders. But I think they should also look at selling beer before 11 a.m. if there's a morning rain stoppage.Fortunately, it looks like the weather should hold until 11 a.m. But I hear ya.7:34 p.m. Mickelson birdies No. 8. He's now 2-under and picking up speed.7:31 p.m. Sergio Garcia (1-under) playing 18--his ninth. Lands his tee shot in fairway with Scott and Villegas. Must be a relief for Scott (even) to play with his pal Garcia after last year's Beatlemania group with Tiger and Phil.7:25 p.m.'s David Dusek takes a look at Tiger's clubs for the Open: p.m. In no other sport is watching on TV so different than watching in person. If you love golf, you owe it to yourself to get out to your local PGA Tour stop at least once a year. TV is great but you can only watch so many putts. 7:17 p.m. Co-leaders: Weir and Hamilton at 5-under. Woods just nine strokes back.

It's really
interesting to me that the biggest complainers here can't seem to put together
a sentence or even spell words right.

Thanks, Dave. I was going to suggest that since those comment writers are so friendly they should apply for jobs at the USGA. j/k, j/k 2:25 p.m. Jason asks: "Any golf
happening out there? One course update in the last half hour...mix in
some details with the fluff! No mention of the dude leading?" Peter Hanson at 4-under is looking at a birdie putt on 13. Now get some sleep, it must be late in Sweden.
2:21 p.m. Ugh! Phil misses short one for birdie. Will have 4-footer for par.Garsh asks: "Do you think Phil is feeling any pressure by what Amy said about her wanting him to bring the trophy home?"Not really. Phil always puts so much pressure on himself to win the U.S. Open. With Amy's illness, Phil's concern will be with her, not the tournament, which may allow him to play better.2: 18 p.m. Sergio (even) and Adam Scott (1-under) both make birdies on 12.2:14 p.m. Larry Bird misses birdie putt on 10. Oh wait, that was Brandt Snedecker (even). Fred Funk makes back to back birdies and is at even par as well. 2:10 p.m. Phil sticks his tee shot to about feet on No. 12, and Rocco gets to two back. The golf gods may be giving the USGA a mulligan for yesterday's washout and initial no-refund policy.2:05 p.m. Rocco (1-under) makes the green on 11 from a giant fairway bunker that dwarfed him. The People's Champion hanging around on Day 1 of the People's Open.John asks: Don't you think that those who might play nearly 36 holes today have an advantage if tomorrow gets rained out like yesterday?Yes, but not as much as you think. Padraig Harrington got stuck playing in what might have been the worst weather at any major at last year's British Open and won the thing.2:01 p.m. Alex wants more Mike Weir updates. "Honestly, Mike Weir doesn't get any respect down there - he's winning the tournament and he's barelymentioned on this blog."

I guess hockey season is finally over.

OK. One of the game's real good guys, Weir is 4-under through 9 and surprisingly in the lead for a course that is supposed to play so long. 1:58 p.m. What does morning/early afternoon with ESPN/3-5 p.m. with NBC/5-close with ESPN accomplish other than annoying Ellen fans? OK, good work.1:52 p.m. Camilo Villegas (-3)is one off the lead after his birdie on 10 as the hunk grouping of Sergio Garcia (+1), Adam Scott (-1), and Camilo continues good day.1:49 p.m. On-course report from Live-Blog correspondent Jason Paltrowitz, whose covering the hospitality tents: "Knee deep in mud, but it's packed here." ESPN's Curtis Strange was a tough golfer so no surprise he's against "lift, clean and place." I agree. The U.S. Open is not just another Tour stop. 1:45 p.m. In the comments section, Fab 5 says of Tiger Woods (+4), "Tiger will be fine." He caught tough break with the weather, but I think he'll be back among the leaders by Sunday. BTW Fab 5, we loved you in Yo, MTV Raps. 1:40 p.m. Relieved it's nice today so you all don't have to watch us in the media cover a rainy day in Long Island like it was Hurricane Katrina. However, I did enjoy Jim Gray in the Anderson Cooper role.1:36 p.m. Friend of the Blog Dick Friedman on Phil's birdie putt on 8: What with the
Mets and the Yankees flopping around, that’s the first thing New York
sports fans have really had to cheer about in the last few days!
Phil actually brushed up on his New York sports knowledge to talk with fans this week. I'm guessing Phil didn't have to brush up too much. He could probably set the lines in Vegas.1:32 p.m. Villegas makes great approach on No. 10 for birdie look. I like how he's sponsored by CVS. Apparently the drugstore wants a younger, sexier image.1:27 p.m. Rocco a little short on his birdie putt at 8 and then bogeys, while Hanson misses a makeable birdie putt at 9. Time for a Rocco story from live-blogger and Golf Magazine editor-at-large Connell Barrett:No one should be surprised that Rocco is scaring the U.S. Open
leaderboard -- again. I had the chance to have dinner with him last
fall for a lengthy interview. (Damn right he paid!) I expected to meet
a jovial, self-effacing fellow wearing grandpa pants and a goofy grin,
like we see on the course. He's not like that in person. He has a
molten core. He's intense, edgy, with towering confidence and the eye
contact of a killer. He believes in his heart that he can beat anyone,
and everyone, at this event. "The U.S. Open is my tournament," he told
me. "I love it. It's about [ball] striking it, and that's my game.
Hitting the fairway. Making par after par after par... And I'd love
another shot at Tiger [at Bethpage]."
Rocco's not the best player on the course right now, but he may be the
most comfortable, and that means something. A lot of us in the media
wrote off the chances of another Tiger-Rocco showdown, because we
assumed only one of them would be there down the stretch. Maybe we
wrote off the wrong guy.
1:24 p.m. Only dark cloud at Bethpage today is over Tiger Woods in clubhouse at plus-4.1:22 p.m. Quick scoreboard update: Peter Hanson and  Mike Weir co-leaders at 3-under. AK, Camilo, Fisher, Rocco and O'Hair at 2-under. 1:17 p.m. Massive putt for birdie on 8 and Phil is 1-under. The fans are already in weekend mode. Wild scene.1:13 p.m. AK misses a shortish putt on No. 9, and Curtis Strange of ESPN bemoans the 24/7 sports-media culture. Hmmmmm.1:09 p.m. Anthony Kim might not be patient enough to win this
thing, but he's off to a hot start. Question to ask of anyone on
leaderboard: Can he go head to head with Tiger at a major? I'm giving
AK a big NO for now.1:05 p.m.  Welcome to the Live Blog, afternoon version, where we offer admission to Monday's blog in event of a rain-out. No more Tiger today, but we have 36 holes of Phil and Rocco with a share of the lead so please join us as long as you can.

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