By petedirenzo
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farmingdale, N.Y.--The reigning Masters champion, the only man with a chance to win the Grand Slam this year, came into the press room Tuesday afternoon and drew a meager gathering of 15 or so writers. Even Rodney Dangerfield would've gotten a bigger audience.Well, maybe not. Angel Cabrera had three things working against him. First, the language barrier. He understands some English but prefers to give his answers through an interpreter. That makes him a tough interview for those of us who don't speak Spanish. Second, he came in at 4 p.m. The American media types are all on deadline, and the British writers are already done for the day.Third, Tiger Woods had already held his big interview earlier that day. The one thing tournament officials fail to understand, whether it's the USGA or the Masters or the PGA, is that once Tiger has talked, there is no need to bring any other players in. Everyone is going to write about Tiger.Even with an interpreter, Cabrera was interesting, but his answers clearly lost something in translation. No matter how animated his answer or how long he went on, the interpreter's version was usually about 12 words.Asked if he was thinking about the Grand Slam, Cabrera begin shaking his head even before the interpreter repeated the question in Spanish. His best post-Masters celebration moment, he said, was his family meeting him at the airport when he deplaned wearing his green jacket. "That's what I remember the most," he said.He is happy to be paired with Woods this week. "I wouldn't be playing with Tiger if I hadn't won the U.S. Open and the Masters," Cabrera said. "It's great to play with the No. 1 player in the world; it's an honor. I would like to do it every week."Cabrera joked about his reputation among his friends that he is a good cook. "It's not that I cook well, it's that they can't cook at all," he said. "So they think I'm a good cook."His game is reasonably sharp. He arrived in Houston last Wednesday to work with Charlie Epps, his coach, and they focused on his short game, he said, which had apparently been lacking. "So I'm ready," Cabrera said. 

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