By petedirenzo
Thursday, May 07, 2009

It was a landmark week for golfers on
Twitter, with roughly 15 LPGA players I've never heard of
joining. (To their credit, I just became 15 percent more likely to
watch the Michelob Ultra Open this week.)  Here's your weekly dose of the
best you missed by denying the tweeting craze. - Love3D is actually Davis Love III, and not
a fake. I know this because he likes
to take glamor shots while pulled over at gas stations
- The LPGA's Christina Kim is on Twitter!! And
she's a vodka drinker!! I
prefer Ciroc personally, with Goose as a runner-up. Belvedere and Chopin is a
bit biting for my gentle female palate! Lol!!!
She also has
a penchant for classical music (...and exclamation points): Now I've moved on to Mozart. My
heart races and my hand trembles with excitement as the symphony reaches its
- Morgan Pressel loves the Red Wings.
And Auntie Anne's cinnamon sticks. And even though she's sponsored by Ralph
Lauren, she still pays for some of their clothes, just like the rest of us: Just did some
damage at the ralph Lauren factory store...shocker
- Stewart Cink, who has 158,716
followers (No. 150,000 won a free driver), was thinking about more than this
week's tournament during his practice round at TPC Sawgrass: Fun practice
round with Zach, FreddyC, Rollins, and DL3. Kissed butt to Freddy (Prez Cup
cptn) but quit after 12. He keeps us in stitches.
- Natalie
Gulbis supports the Special Olympics
- Connecticut's finest, J.J. Henry,
checked in from the Players Championship on Wednesday: Caddie closest to pin
contest on the famous 17th hole...If you think we get nervous you should see the
caddies try and take it back!! 
- Jane Park shows admirable humility: haha i dont think
anyone really cares what im doing? lol
The Press Tent cares, Jane. And the Top Tour Twit This Week: John Daly. I attempted to count the
most tweets Daly had sent in an hour, but I ran out of fingers and toes; the man
is obsessed. This week he tweeted about his crazy clothing choices at the
Spanish Open and his decision to have lap-band surgery (ya, just tried alot of diets and
found out it was in my genes
and how it's affected his game (just workin on adjustment because i was so used to goin
around my stomach for so long
) Then there was this gem: Kermit's last words: That pig told me she was clean. LMAO funny stuff UPDATE: Stewart Cink might have stolen the show with a tweet late Thursday afternoon: Reliable source
says Jason Dufner left important part of wardrobe behind today and is
going commando. Remarkable considering 90deg heat.

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