Thursday, April 16, 2009

If Boo Weekley had his own TV show (and who wouldn't watch that?), it
would be on the Discovery Channel, not the Golf Channel. After getting a
turtle to scare Anthony Kim
at the Wachovia Championship last year,
Boo's now offering advice on how to fend off South
Carolina no-see-um bugs at Harbour Town this week.

You just take a little napkin and pour some Listerine onto it, and
pat yourself down on your arms, and just pat it around the side of your
head and ears and everywhere, and you should be fine.
It makes me smell good, too. And if you can got bad breath, you can just lick it off my arms and I can fix that, too. I've tried using Scope but they [insects] like Scope so why would you put Scope on your body when Listerine works? Watch out, Bear Grylls.

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