By petedirenzo
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rice-finchem_300 How close are Condoleezza Rice and Tiger Woods? Well, she knows enough not to bother him on the practice green before his round at the Masters. The former secretary of state writes, in a column for the Daily Beast, that she also spent some quality time with the world's No. 1 golfer at a Stanford basketball game. Stanford won on a buzzer-beater, and we stormed the court together. With that kind of bonding, whom else would I pull for?While at Augusta last week, Rice made an attempt to follow Woods during his first round, only to learn that those who follow Woods show up much, much earlier in the morning. Her thoughts on other golfers contending: I would champion the cause of Phil Mickelson (met him at the White
House and he’s a really nice guy); Stewart Cink (met him in Atlanta and
he’s a really nice guy); or Anthony Kim (haven’t met him but I like his
His swagger? Can't argue with that. And what did she think of the finish?After my favorite golfers were out of it, my heart turned to him [Kenny Perry]. When
he made that great shot on 16, you could see the wonder in his eyes.
You felt it was the moment of his career. He could not finish: But what
a gentleman and what a thrill. In the end, it was Angel Cabrera and
justice for Robert De Vicenzo. It was also a great moment for
Argentina—a country with terrible politics and wonderful people
.What if she played Augusta? How would she approach No. 16?A 5 wood—too much, might go in the bunker. A 7 wood—not enough, will go
in the water. That means I don’t have a club that will work.
  (Shameless plug: Perhaps she should consult our 2009 Buyer's Guide to find one that will fill the gap.)(Photo: David Cannon/Getty Images)

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