By petedirenzo
Thursday, April 09, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- I was seated in the press center's lunchroom area and staring at a guy across the room who looked remarkably like former PGA Tour winner Jim McGovern. When he looked my way and suddenly waved, I realized that it actually was McGovern. So I went over to chat.He is at the Masters this week working for XM Radio as a commentator and is excited about his return. "It's been a long time for me," McGovern said. "This is my first time here since 1995."McGovern played 26 events last year on the PGA Tour, winning just over $135,000,  but he has spent most of his time on the Nationwide Tour. In five Nationwide tournaments this year, he has won almost $7,500. This is his first attempt at radio work. At 44, he can't believe how quickly time has passed."I've got a daughter who's saying, 'We've got to start talking about which college I'm going to go to,' " McGovern said, laughing. "I said, who says you've got to go to college?"Maybe he ought to start talking about what summer job she was going to get, I suggested. He liked the idea. "Fairleigh Dickinson sounds good to me," he said.As for radio work, I said, just be careful what you say. It's easy to let slip an expletive when you get excited. "Yeah, that's why they've got the seven-second delay," he said.

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