By petedirenzo
Saturday, March 14, 2009

While watching golf coverage online this afternoon, I saw just how tough being a starter on the first tee can be, especially in a World Golf Championship. There are players from all over the globe with a million different pronunciations. On Saturday, though, the starter stumbled over the seemingly simple introduction of Rory McIlroy and Kenny Perry.
As McIlroy stuck a tee in the ground, the starter began: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the third round of the 2009 World Golf Championships-CA Championship. From......from.......
"Northern Ireland," somebody said as the crowd laughed.
The starter caught himself. "Mr. Perry has the honor," he said.
"Oh, I thought I did," McIlroy said.
McIlroy scooped up his ball, and Perry stepped to the box.
"Age before beauty," Perry said as the gallery laughed.
After Perry teed off, McIlroy placed his ball down again.
"From Northern Ireland," the starter said, bringing a new round of chuckles.

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