Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lee Trevino says he has the solution to the PGA Tour's tournament
sponsor woes: Make every player play every tournament. Yes, Tiger, he
means you. LA Daily News columnist Jill Painter caught up with the
always-quotable Trevino
at a breakfast for the Champions Tour's Toshiba
Classic, starting this week in Southern California. The 69-year-old
Trevino still plays the occasional event, and he still understands that
star power brings fans in through the gates. He ought to; he was one of
the brightest. Trevino wishes players were required to play at
each of the PGA Tour's events over a three-year span. Can you imagine
if Pebble Beach, the Bob Hope Classic and Northern Trust Open were
guaranteed to have Tiger Woods every 1,095 days? Tournament directors
could live with that.
Sure, rubbing elbows at cocktail parties and chatting up pro-am
partners and signing autographs is nice and all, but it's not enough to
Trevino, who tossed out his philosophy at the Toshiba Classic's annual
breakfast Tuesday.
"Now is the time where you say, 'Hey boys, times are tough,'"
Trevino said. "They're looking for something to do. Some say, 'We've
got to get more personable.' Forget that player. He's not going to do
"If the commissioner comes out and says once every three years you
have to play each tournament -- If not, there's a tour in Europe."
Trevino said he proposed the same rule in 1970: Every player must play
each tournament once every three years. No doubt, PGA Tour boss Tim
Finchem would be all for it. The problem would be the players, and one
in particular. The L.A. Daily News notes that during Woods's last injury-free season,
2007, he played 18 tournaments while Boo Weekley played 30. Here's what Woods had to say about the Tour's sponsorship issues during
his return to competitive play at the Accenture Match Play Championship
last week. QUESTION: Tim [Finchem] has talked about how he'd like to see players do more for the
Tour to try to help their sponsors. What, if anything, can you do more
because everybody looks to you?
TIGER WOODS: I don't know if I can do any more.

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