Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michelle Wie displayed a careful, under-control swing as she qualified for the LPGA Tour at Q-School this month, but she’s still capable of uncorking 300-plus-yard bombs in practice and still intends to play in men’s tournaments, Wie told reporters at a media conference in Seoul, South Korea on Tuesday.
Wie was in Seoul to attend her grandfather’s funeral. According to South Korean newspaper The Dong-a Ilbo, Wie said she intends to keep up her studies at Stanford while she plays the LPGA Tour, attending two out of three semesters a year. “It will take me six years to graduate,” she joked.
Wie added that she anticipates a warmer welcome from other LPGA pros now that’s she’s earned her card. She expects big things from herself as well, predicting many wins on tour. Blaming her recent spate of poor performances on a wrist injury, she said, “The more I practiced, the more painful it got, and it was tougher for me because of mounting criticism. Now, I’ve grown careful about everything.”She said she would hit for distance of up to 392 yards while training, but now wants to focus on accuracy and consistency.As a card-carrying member of the LPGA, she said, “When I was invited, other golfers didn’t see me favorably. Now I’ll participate in many tournaments and win many championships.” (Update: We couldn't find a transcript of this media conference so we can't confirm whether Wie really said 392 yards. It sounds high, but on a driving range with the right conditions and her swing it's not unthinkable.) The Thai News Agency picked up Wie’s comments about competing with men. Her longtime goal has been to qualify for the Masters and she’s not shying away from that despite her newly minted LPGA card. "I assure you I hold no grudges against men," she said. "Just because I qualified for the LPGA, it doesn't mean my goal changed. One of the reasons I started golf was to play against men. It hasn't changed." Michelle Wie Homepage | Photos: Michelle Wie's Career

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