By petedirenzo
Friday, December 12, 2008

Scarface_300 The edgy, profanity-laced lyrics of hip-hop star Scarface might keep him off the radio, but they can’t keep him off the golf course. 
Turns out the rambunctious rapper, known for his “hard-boiled, ghetto-bred” style and who has twice been convicted on gun charges, is a golf nut. “Golf is like a woman,” Scarface told an reporter during a recent round at Wildcat Golf Club in Houston. “One day everything is cool. Next day, you be like, 'What happened?' "
‘Face has been playing for about a year and says he tees it up just about every day. "Messing with wanting to hit the ball straighter and even straighter and wanting to chip the ball and place the ball got me addicted,” he says. Still, he finds it easier to bust a rhyme than break 90. 
"Vijay Singh would kick my ass. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, I might kick Tiger's ass. ... Nah. God sent Tiger Woods here to play golf for real," ’Face says.
The rapper says the album he released last week, Emeritus, will be his last, which should leave him plenty of time to tighten up his swing and win a few skins. As ’Face himself once wrote, and you'll excuse me if I've misheard the lyric: Everybody in the game know how it go
It's a whole lotta holes, a whole lotta dough…
(Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images)

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