Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When they say Tiger Woods has all the shots, they’re not kidding.
YouTube viewers are getting a first look at the long-rumored “Jesus Shot,” which Woods has been working on secretly at his Orlando, Fla., compound. First sighted in the EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 video game, Woods plays the shot when his ball lands on a lily pad in a water hazard. He simply grabs a wedge, takes off his shoes, walks onto the surface of the water and hits the ball into the hole. Take a look below:

It’s a joke, of course, and a clever way to promote the new EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 video game. The idea came from a couple of fans who posted the YouTube “glitch” in the ’08 game that allowed Woods to hit shots while walking on water. The new video is a response from EA Sports, and it's a good example of viral marketing and how cutting-edge companies are using the Web and even their customers to promote new products.
The Jesus Shot does have a little bit of golf history behind it. Legendary Augusta National founder Clifford Roberts is said to have had a walkway built just under the surface of the pond on the par-3 16th. Here’s how Jack Nicklaus tells it: “I love the story about the spoof [Roberts] put on at one of the jamborees. They always said he could walk on water, and he rigged it so he could walk across the water at No. 16.” UPDATE: As our observant users have noticed below, Tiger doesn’t just break the rules of nature during this shot, he also breaks the Rules of Golf. According to Rule 13-4, the player must not "touch the ground in the hazard or water in the water hazard with his hand or a club." By dipping his club in the water, Tiger clearly violates this rule. The penalty is two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play. Even with the two-stroke penalty, Tiger probably made par here. Tough par, though.

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