By petedirenzo
Saturday, August 09, 2008

Weathers2_500 Good hustle by Steve Elling, who earlier this week tracked down Jim Weathers, the shiatsu master who was wrestled to the ground by a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after Weathers began dousing Canadian Open champ Chez Reavie with Champagne last month.
The officer didn't see Weathers's credential. Weathers, who helped nurse Phil Mickelson's injured wrist back to health last year, was more seriously hurt than most observers thought.
From Elling: "The officer grabbed him so violently, Weathers said he began spitting blood and had to visit a doctor at last week's tour stop in Akron, Ohio, for an exam." 
The incident aggravated an old weight-lifting injury, and Weathers says he is facing surgery. Yikes. (Photo: Doug Ball/AP)

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