By petedirenzo
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July_birkdale14_600x400SOUTHPORT, England -- GOLF Magazine teamed up with Peter Alliss to give you a detailed look at the Fearsome Fivesome, the holes on the back nine at Royal Birkdale that are bound to give the players fits.
They should have made the list the Scary Six. The 201-yard, par-3 14th is going to be extremely tough also.
Because the tee box is slightly elevated, it is nearly impossible to play a shot below the prevailing wind, which blows from right to left. And because the green tilts from back to front, hitting a shot short of the green and running it up to the hole is tricky.
The ideal strategy is to hit a shot directly at the pot bunkers on the right side of the green, and then let the wind bring the ball back to the left. But that play requires a lot of faith, and a little bit of luck, because the wind tends to gust inconsistently, as it did Tuesday. If the wind dies as you hit, those pot bunkers will make saving par a real challenge; if the wind gets even stronger, or you don't start your shot far enough to the right, there is a pot bunker short and left of the green, too.
Jimmy Hutchinson, a marshall from nearby Warrington, almost learned that lesson the hard way. He started the day standing a few paces off the left side of the green, watching the crowd to be sure spectators staying outside the ropes. But one after another, golf balls rained out of the sky and fell within feet of him. After a few hours he'd been chased to within five feet of the ropes. "Against this grey sky it's tough to see the ball, so you've really got to know where to stand," he said.(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

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