By petedirenzo
Friday, June 13, 2008

Poulterusofri_600x450If you have ever played the game, you know the feeling Ian Poulter had on the 12th hole Friday at Torrey Pines. Complete and utter disgust.
After carding a 78 in the first round, the peacock of the PGA Tour was even par through 11 holes before his drive found the right rough. Standing over his ball with a wedge in hand, he took a practice swing and what appeared to be a pound of spinach flew into the air. The wheels in Poulter's head turned, but finally he addressed the ball, made a lashing swing and watched his shot squirt five feet forward and 10 feet left, landing in the first cut of rough.
That was it. Enough. Poulter took two steps, raised his club like an axe and brought it down head-first into the moist rough. He took a few steps toward his bag, and with the shaft still quivering in the ground, he spun around and presented his right middle finger to the divot he'd created.
After a moment, Poulter hit his third shot on the 504-yard par 4 with a hybrid. The shot landed short and right of the green. From there, he pitched the ball across the green, three putted, tipped his visor to the crowd and walked away with a triple bogey.
Decked out in pink checked pants, matching pink shoes and a pink shirt, Poulter parred the 13th but scored double bogies on the 14th and 15th holes before withdrawing from the event due to an undisclosed injury. See photos of Poulter's meltdown. (Photo by John Biever/SI)

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