By petedirenzo
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Players, years ago, used to drive the Tour. Now, of course, they fly. In Florida, every so often, players will drive from one stop to another, but the Florida schedule has changed in the past couple years, so the well-worn paths have changed. There's only one tried-and-true drive left: Augusta to Hilton Head.
The Hilton Head tournament has followed the Masters for decades and every year there's a dozen or so players who make the drive from the Deep South to the Carolina Lowlands. There are many ways to go. One route is SC-78, through Bamberg, S.C., hometown of the great Mookie Wilson, the old New York Met.
It's a wonderful drive, miles of nothing and farms and little towns, and a reminder of what used to be and what, it's nice to find out, still is.
View route to Hilton Head through Bamberg, S.C.

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