Monday, December 02, 2013

Scott-woods_640Adam Scott has been creeping up on Tiger Woods in the World Golf Rankings, but he has already surpassed him in a popularity contest.
That's according to the results of a recent poll by the global sports marketing and sponsorship research company, Repucom, which took the measure of three top golfers -- Scott, Woods and Rory McIlroy -- in a survey of fans from Australia and the United States.
The poll, which attracted 11,000 respondents from across both countries, focused on the impact of each player in six categories: awareness, appeal, breakthrough, trendsetter, influence, trust, and endorsement/aspiration.
In each of the categories, Scott took the top spot, and Woods finished last. And Repucom says the results hold true in the United States, not just Australia:

The Sunday Telegraph can today reveal the fascinating results of a study conducted last week by leading global sports marketing and sponsorship research company Repucom, which shows that Scott is now considered more popular in the U.S. than Tiger Woods.

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