Monday, November 18, 2013

Donovan McNabb made headlines this weekend by saying NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson was "absolutely not" an athlete. 
Golfers will enjoy the "Is ___ an athlete or not" argument posed to a different sport other than golf and will especially enjoy the fact that McNabb placed Tiger Woods in a group of athletes ahead of Johnson. Ipso facto, golfers are athletes!
"He’s not an athlete,” McNabb said about Johnson, who just wrapped up his sixth Sprint Cup title. “He sits in a car and he drives. That’s not athletic. What athletically is he doing?"
Lest we forget, McNabb was blasted by former teammate/enemy Terrell Owens for being tired during the final two-minute drill in the 2005 Super Bowl. Who's the real athlete now?
NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson responded on Twitter to McNabb's claims. 

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