Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BW99APbCQAA_YQi Jason Dufner delivered the pre-game speech to the No. 24 Auburn Tigers before they took the field and upset No. 7 Texas A&M last Saturday.
Great locker room speeches like "Win one for the Gipper" and "Great moments are born from great opportunity" are designed to hype an underdog team into a frenzy before taking the field against a bigger and badder opponent.
Dufner's demeanor on the course doesn't translate into a fiery, rah-rah brand of pre-game antics, but whatever he said did the trick. The Tigers, who entered the game as two-touchdown underdogs, won 45-41.
Senior linebacker Jake Holland (No. 5), seen above possibly 'dufnering,' finished the game with three tackles. Hey, whatever works.
Dufner also visited the team in fall camp after winning the PGA Championship. Let's hope he isn't busy during the Iron Bowl.

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