Tuesday, October 01, 2013

180477948 Rory McIlroy is reportedly suing his former management agency. (Michael Cohen/Getty Images) Rory McIlroy is suing three companies, including his former management agency Horizon Sports Management, reports The Independent. 
The report does not say why McIlroy is suing or how much he is seeking. 
The lawsuit also named two other companies, Gurteen and Canavan Management, according to the report.

McIlroy decided to part company with Horizon Sports Management because he believed they were costing him too much money.

McIlroy is reported to believe that the $7.5m he says he paid the group over the one-and-a-half year period did not make business sense, despite having willingly signed up to the agreement two years ago.

The two-times Major winner believes he had no option but to sever ties with the company, headed up by Conor Ridge, as his contract does not run out until 2017.

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