Cheyenne Woods wants to be an established golfer, not just Tiger’s niece

F4e1637b2ff64cbc8dac3abbfc676def-0 Cheyenne Woods knows that with a famous last name she is going to get attention. Being Tiger Woods' niece and also a golfer, she has been in the spotlight ever since she was a little girl. 

"I have a picture of me from when I was eight or nine years old and I was doing an interview after my event and I had literally six cameras surrounding me," she said to The Guardian. "and I'm just like this little girl on a chair. I've had it since I was young. Tiger had not long won his first Masters then, so it was big, I guess."
While Woods acknowledges that she just tries to be a normal person despite her last name, there are even bigger goals that she wants to accomplish. One of them is erasing the number zero from certain statistics: That's the number of full-time card carrying African-American females on the LPGA Tour. It's also how many times in history an African-American woman has won on the LPGA tour.
"This topic reminds me of, I mean...."golf is not traditionally a black person's sport either. It's traditionally a white man's sport. I want to be an established player on the LPGA tour, respected as a golfer rather than," she adopts a comedy voice, "y'know, Tiger Woods' niece. But I realise it comes with the territory."
(Photo by Morty Gash/AP)
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by Kevin Cunningham