Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mercedes-Benz-Vision-Golf-Cart_0001Mercedes-Benz isn’t in the golf cart business.
But this past week in Scotland, the German automaker showed us what a cart might look like if Mercedes ever threw its hat into the ring.

Behold the Vision Golf Cart, which had its coming-out party during the British Open.
Gorden Wagner, Mercedes’ chief designer on the project, told Fox News that the cart meshed with the company’s design philosophy of “sensual purity.”
In creating the Vision Golf Cart -- a demo model only -- Mercedes drew on global input, soliciting suggestions from the general public and granting VIP passes to the Open to anyone whose ideas made the final cut.
If you took the same approach to designing a golf robot, you might get something goofy. Maybe something a la Tommy Gainey.The Vision Golf Cart, by contrast, looks like something James Bond would get from Q.
Among its features:    *a joystick control for a steering wheel    *a rotating iPad docking station    *rooftop solar panels for fueling the battery-powered engine    *a “fore” button to alert other golfers to errant shots.
Pretty cool, but some stuff is still missing.
Like an ejector seat for the handy dispatching of irritating partners. And an amphibious function for retrieving water balls. And what about the Al Czervik necessities, like a bad-ass boom box and a cocktail bar?
Then again, this was a demo, so we’ll cut Mercedes slack.
There’s still time to get back to the drawing board. (Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

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