Monday, July 08, 2013

152912786When the average 15-handicapper decides to ditch his or her putter in search of new magic on the greens, it usually requires a trip to the local golf equipment store, reading reviews from Gary Van Sickle on or borrowing flatsticks from playing partners until the perfect club is found.
If you're Ian Poulter, you simply hit 'send' on a tweet, and putters begin to arrive at your office as club-makers jockey for their putter to be the 14th stick in your bag.
After Poulter finished tied for 25th in last week's French Open, he tweeted:

"I am sacking my putter, I will use a new putter at the Open. Putter
manufacturers please send me some to try to my IJP office please. I'm not blaming the putter, I'm saying I want to use a new one. Every time I change I've had big success with a new look. Just some times you just need to look down on something new. And it's
time. I holed 2 birdie putts today. 1 was 12" and the other 4". It's my Ryder Cup putter and I think it needs a rest in my trophy cabinet. Time for a change. Need a good visual for the Open."
used at the 2012 Ryder Cup that helped the Europeans complete a final day comeback to defeat the U.S.

D1cfa7c2e896620ad12d0054acb07211_view SHIPNUCK: A Day in the Life of Ian Poulter VIDEO: Behind the scenes at Ian Poulter's Sports Illustrated Cover Shoot (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images and @IanJamesPoulter)

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