Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lee_300Lee Westwood just wants to talk about his beard [in embryonic state at right]. In his Wednesday press conference before the BMW PGA Championship, Westwood was peppered with questions regarding Sergio Garcia's comments about Tiger Woods made at a European Tour gala awards evening earlier this week. Westwood initially said Tiger wouldn't be bothered by Sergio's comments. He followed by saying he didn't even know what Sergio said. The next logical question should have been: "How can you know Tiger won't be bothered then?" But it wasn't. It only led to a reporter trying to explain Sergio's comments while simultaneously interrupted by Westwood.
The former world's No. 1 player summed up his thoughts on the matter with: "It's just an awkward situation where they just obviously
don't get on. You know, you guys all stoke it up as much you can and
sometimes you don't need to. Not really any of my business. I fortunately get on well with both of
them. But I have no interest in getting in the middle of that
relationship, if there is one." He was pressed to comment. "You didn't hear what I said then," Westwood said. "Said I had no interest
in getting in the middle of that relationship. There is no follow‑up
to that answer.  Can we move on to the beard?" But no one wants to talk about the beard. We just need to know Westwood's thoughts on Sergio's fried chicken "joke."
"McGregor (Westwood's fitness coach) has not let me eat fried chicken for three or four years
because it goes straight on my hips," Westwood said. "Now I'm 40, I have to now
seriously think about what I'm eating."
Such a graceful side-step.
"I just said two answers ago -– quite sure I said I'm not
getting in the middle of that relationship. It's got absolutely nothing
to do with me because I get on well with both of them. Any golf questions?"
Better yet, any beard questions? (Photo: Getty)

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