Friday, March 29, 2013

Op2s-51405-mid It's no surprise that the Masters is the toughest ticket in golf. Waitlists and lotteries are the few ways for the general public to get inside the gates without breaking the bank. If you aren't one of the lucky selections, things look bleak, according the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. A four-day pass for the tournament at Augusta National currently stands at $4,486. An individual day pass runs from as low as $1,215 for Friday's round to as expensive as $1,786 for Thursday's opening round.
But once you get inside the green gates, the dynamic changes. You can balance out some of your ticket expenses by feasting on super-cheap concession stand food inside Augusta National. By comparison, last year's BCS National Championship game checked in at $1,450 for one ticket, followed by the Super Bowl ($1,210), World Series ($850) and NBA Finals ($315). (Photo: Kohjiro Kinno for Sports Illustrated)

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