Monday, March 18, 2013

TigerTiger Woods's ex-coach Hank Haney thinks Woods is preforming even better in 2013 than he did in 2012, when he won three times, according to John Huggan of the

“Tiger is playing much better this season,” Haney said. “His distance control with the wedges has
improved tremendously since last year, a fact evidenced by the fact that
he made a lot of birdies from inside 100 yards.”
“Because of the distance so many of the professionals now hit the
ball, a lot of them are benefiting from not having to hit many drivers,” Haney said. “Tiger is definitely one of those
players. When I taught him, he missed about 85 percent of his fairways
to the right, even though he would sometimes say he had a ‘two-way’ miss
going. And over the last three years that has actually been true; his
misses with the driver have been almost 50-50 left and right. Last week, however, was different. Last week Tiger largely eliminated the left-side miss. For any player, eliminating half the golf course is a great confidence boost.”
in the form of a putting tip from Steve Stricker
"Victory was almost assured," Haney said.
“It’s all about the majors for Tiger,” Haney said. “For any player, victory in any
of the four means matching a good ball-striking week with a good
putting week. In the past, the ball-striking part was a given for Tiger.
And it looks like he is approaching that level again.”
Photo: Woods and Haney at the 2009 WGC Championship Accenture Match Play (Credit: Robert Beck)

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