Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trump4The fourth hole at Trump International Golf Links, which sustained damage in winter storms. (Brian Morgan) Donald Trump outmaneuvered many opponents to build Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland, but the Scottish winter might be his toughest opponent yet.
The course, which opened to rave reviews this summer, lost a chunk of turf near the fourth tee after a "perfect storm"  dumped rain on the Aberdeen coast last month, according to the Daily Mail (UK).

Last month, severe weather battered the East Coast, as a ‘perfect storm’ caused extensive damage. An unusual combination of tidal forces, strong winds and atmospheric pressure led to huge waves and high tides.

Mr Trump’s spokesman said: ‘The burn that runs through that part of the course was overrun with water and caused some damage. It’s easy to correct and we’ll certainly be prepared now.
‘When you have any kind of links course, occasionally you have devastating storms. I think we can all agree that the storms that hit the North-East three weeks ago were unprecedented situations of extreme volumes of water.

‘The course held up very well. There was some surface damage but actually we were very pleased with how the course endured such an extreme weather situation. There are two sections impacted because the burn burst its banks.

Last night, Suzanne Kelly, a local resident who discovered the damage, said it was ‘beautifully ironic’.

She added: ‘The amount I know about golf would fit into a teaspoon. However, I do know when I’m walking on a pathway and come to a big chasm, that’s not the best.

‘I’m just glad the light hadn’t gone by the time I got to that point on the course otherwise I’d be talking from a hospital bed with a broken leg.

According to the Sun (UK)

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