Sandy damage permanently closes Long Island course: Truth & Rumors

Following the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, Long Island's Middle Bay Golf Club will remain closed, according to a CBS New York report.

“The water came over the bulkhead, probably 6 or 7 feet high, and just covered the entire golf course, and just caused so much devastation that we couldn’t rebuild,” said member Steve Cohen.
The club had 130 employees at the height of the season and was a fixture of the community, raising money for local charities and hosting practice to the local high school golf team, according to the member.
“I lost my job, and I lost a family here,” said Susan Barnathan. “I’m here 17 years. It just wasn’t a job. It was a family.”
“Right now, I’m currently on a visa program,” said club food and beverage manager Rakesh Sarkar. “Right now, I don’t have a job, so I have to find a job in two or three months to stay in the United States. If nothing happens, I have to go back.”
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by Kevin Cunningham