Friday, December 14, 2012

Working for Golf Magazine, I sometimes get the chance to play some really cool golf courses, but nothing will ever top the round I played with my father at Pebble Beach last year [photo, below]. Like many of you, my father introduced me to the game. To be able to play with him on the world's most spectacular golf course was an experience I'll always treasure.
So I'm really glad that Golf Magazine is part of Cleveland Golf's Father/Son Golf Team Classic at Pebble Beach this Feb. 21-24. Our contest to win a spot in the event is over, but you can still enter the four-day tournament, which includes four nights at the Lodge and three rounds of golf, one at Pebble, one at Spanish Bay and one at Bayonet. Yes, it's a big-ticket item ($3,095 to share a room; $4,395 for your own room), but Pebble Beach is a big-ticket kind of place.
For more information on the Father/Son Golf Team Classic at Pebble Beach, visit the official website here.

Pebble_april2012From left, my brother Scott, me, my father, and my cousin Garrett. April 2011.

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