Friday, November 16, 2012

Sneds_forwebFedEx Cup champion Brandt Snedeker joined the chorus in support of a ban on "anchored" long putters and belly putters in an appearance on Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" show.

"I've got no problem with longer putters if you want to make sure they're not anchored; I've just got a problem with anchoring.
"There's a reason why guys that have belly putters use them – they work," he continued. "If they didn't work, they wouldn't use them."
"I think it's the influx of junior golfers using belly putters," he noted. "There's a whole generation of kids right now that are growing up playing golf, never using a short putter. Is that keeping with the traditions of the game?"

"Their charge is protecting the game of golf, not making sure it's OK for Tour players," he added. "What's best for the game of golf might hurt a couple guys in the short run, but it might benefit the game in the long run."

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