Friday, November 16, 2012

President Ronald Reagan died in 2004, but he is still making history. According to Steve Chawkins of the Los Angeles Times, this week Reagan became the first president to have a golf hole dedicated to him.

In the eight years since he died, Ronald Reagan has lent his name to at least 31 roads, 17 schools, a federal courthouse in Orange County, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier based in San Diego, a missile-testing range in the Marshall Islands and now, a golf hole in Moorpark.

It's the par-three 11th hole at Tierra Rejada Golf Course, where the tee commands a sweeping view that includes the Reagan Library on a hilltop in nearby Simi Valley.

Course officials and Reagan Foundation executives on Thursday unveiled a plaque set in a rock monument and dedicated to the 40th president, "who always believed, like golfers do, 'Our most glorious achievements are just ahead.' "

Chawkins also talks with anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, who has supported efforts to name buildings and landmarks after the 40th president.

[Norquist] said the Tierra Rejada hole will provide "a fascinating teaching moment" for golfers. Some of the duffers will have driven the Ronald Reagan Freeway to gaze at the Reagan library from the Ronald Reagan hole, but an abundance of reminders will not dim Reagan's luster: "Nobody will be able to play that hole without commenting," Norquist said.
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