Truth & Rumors: UK sports minister joins call for R&A to admit women

Just days after the outgoing chairman of the British Olympic Association speaks out, UK Sports minister Hugh Robertson agrees that the time has come for R&A to admit women members, according to a Golf 365 report.

"The defence of the Royal and Ancient is that it is a private club and so has the right to do what it wants.
"That is legally correct and I have no quarrel when it is acting as a private club. However, I believe that when a private club fulfils a public function, such as staging a major event, then there is a different slant."
Following the admission of two female members to Augusta National, the R&A has taken heat for its male-only membership. According to the report, they have not issued a statement in response to either the sports minister's or the Olympic Chairman's comments.
The R&A, founded in 1754, acts as the governing body of golf outside the U.S. and Mexico and has never had a female member. Admission to the 2,400 member club is by invitation only. According to a report by Golf Today, prior to receiving an invitation, a member must propose your admission, be seconded by another member, and then supported by an additional 20.
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by Kevin Cunningham