Thursday, November 08, 2012

In an interview with Shane O'Donoghue of CNN's Living Golf, Tiger Woods talked about his three-win season, which came after a dry stretch in which "there were a lot of people that said I'd never win again." O'Donoghue then asked Tiger if he read what the media wrote about him, and Tiger said he got their opinions first-hand: 

"I didn't have to read it, because every press conference I go to I get hammered -- 'Oh you're never going to win again blah blah blah' -- and it was every tournament I went to..."
"It was a lot there for about a year and a half where I had to answer that question after every single round, pre-tournament, and to do that all a lot and then to pass Jack on the all-time win list this year and do it 10 years younger than him, I think that's a pretty neat accomplishment."
Rory McIlroy
"If you say hypothetically 10 years, that's 40 more major championships I get a chance to play in and compete in and try to win, and hopefully I can try to at least win five of those."
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