Truth & Rumors: Keegan Bradley beat trash-talking Michael Jordan in match

You knew Michael Jordan wasn't content just watching the Ryder Cup.
Maybe that's why he challenged one of the team's stars -- Keegan Bradley -- to a match. According to Bradley, though, the audition didn't go well.
Bradley, who miraculously transforms into a crazed mongoose once he enters match play, described the experience on The Golf Channel's Morning Drive. Will Gray has the recap:

"He was yapping pretty much the whole day," he claimed of Jordan, who displayed a penchant for trash-talking throughout his NBA playing career.
After birdies by Bradley on each of the final two holes, the match hinged on Jordan's final stroke.
"He had about 6 feet," Bradley explained. "It wouldn't have gone in if it was the size of a basketball hoop."
So you say Jordan missed badly at the last, with the match on the line? Well, maybe he does have the right stuff to make the U.S. side ... RELATED PHOTOS: Michael Jordan on the golf course
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by Kevin Cunningham