Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Widespread reports, including one on Golf.com, that Tyrone Willingham is working as an assistant coach for the Stanford women's golf team are untrue, the university says.
The story was first reported in the South Bend Tribune, which said that the former Stanford, Notre Dame and Washington head football coach was "a volunteer assistant coach for the Stanford women's golf team" who was working with the players on "the psychology of the game."
In response to an inquiry from Golf.com, however, the university's media relations coordinator, Sam Cohn, said that Willingham is "not working with our women's golf team this season." He went on to explain that Willingham had done some work in an unofficial capacity with the team under the previous women's golf coach, Caroline O'Connor, who retired in May after 17 seasons. Cohn says that under the new coach, Anne Walker, Willingham is no longer involved with the team.

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