Thursday, October 11, 2012

In case you are wondering, real life is just Caddyshack starring Alec Baldwin.
That's just one takeaway from Kate Briquelet's New York Post interview with Scott Werner, a caddy at the high-brow East Hampton Golf Club, who recently self-published a book chronicling the misadventures of the super-rich at the super-fancy course.
Among them is Jack Donaghy himself:

When the club first opened years ago, Alec Baldwin would terrorize CEOs by driving up to the course in a blue car and park with a cup of coffee, Werner recalled.
Anytime someone would take a swing, he’d honk his horn to faze them. It’s rumored he loathed the club for environmental reasons.

it's free on Amazon for Kindle users $9.95 in paperback for analog folk.

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