Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Westwood_shorts1_fbThe tourists took it to the professionals during the first round of Turkey's All-Pro pro-am.
With players at the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final allowed to wear shorts for the first time in a major professional event, exactly half the field exercised the option.  And, according to Derek Lawrenson of The Daily Mail, a top-heavy trio of them won their opening round matches:

The other thing of note was the fact, for the first time in a leading professional event, the players were allowed to wear shorts if they chose. Four of the eight-man field took up the option. Intriguingly, all four matches featured one man wearing long trousers and his opponent wearing shorts.
The result of that little game-within-a-game was three to one in favour of the men trying something new.
(Photo of Lee Westwood at the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final by Getty Images)

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