Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Despite the best efforts of golf fans, we can't inject any animosity into a potential Rory McIlroy-Tiger Woods rivalry. The two have settled into a regular group throughout the FedEx Cup playoffs, and, it seems, shared many more laughs than bogeys. (Though fewer laughs than birdies. So many birdies.)
Now, as this rivalry edges deeper into bromance, Matt Dickinson of the Times gives us into the Big Bro/Lil' Bro cheap shots between the two best golfers in world, as McIlroy tells it:

"Tiger gives me stick about being short. He always asks me, 'Seriously, how tall are you?'" McIlroy said. "I'll say, 'five nine.'
"'Yeah, but without the hair? That's five seven, right?' He'll ask me, 'What do you do when Caroline [Wozniacki, McIlroy's girlfriend] wears heels?' But I give him grief about all sorts. Getting old, getting bald.
"He doesn't take himself too seriously, certainly not when I'm around."
"I've been seeing loads of Tiger and I've got to know the person.

"Every time I ask him, 'What are you doing next week?' [and] he's like, 'I've got the kids and I can't wait to do this, to do that.' I can tell you he's a very committed father, which is probably all because of what happened and wanting to make up for what he did.

"There was a great moment before the pro-am at Crooked Stick," McIlroy said. "It was early morning, so early it was still dark, and Tiger and me were the only two on the range hitting balls.
"It was pretty cool. Just the two of us hitting balls on our own, no one else there. And I couldn't help thinking, with us being out there so early, 'Maybe this is why we are the best two golfers in the world.'"

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