Friday, September 14, 2012

Tiger Woods Metals?
If metallurgy sounds like a curious industry for Tiger Woods to forge his fortune, that's because he has nothing to do with it. But that didn't stop a little known Mumbai metal producer from registering the golfer's name as it's trademark, according to the Economic Times. According to the report, Om Agro Chemicals wants to brand its products with "Tiger Woods" -- so much so that they applied to register the name with the Indian Registrar of Trademarks in 2010. Tiger Woods (the person) is not amused.
Unsurprisingly, the company that owns the rights to Tiger's name, ETW Corp -- as in the Eldrick Tont Woods' Corp, which Tiger set up to manage his brand in 1996 -- has filed a motion of opposition.
This may be selfish, but we'd love to see Om Agro's trademark go through. We can see the press release now: "Nike's newest driver made with real 'Tiger Woods'."

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