Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rory McIlroy is taking a pretty standard New York vacation during his off week from the FedEx Cup: He grabbed a workout (with the Knicks), wrote letters to friends (and everyone else), and, on Wednesday night, hung out with the locals (namely, Jimmy Fallon).
Rory McIlroy, or, as Fallon called him, the "only guy who's name sounds exactly the same when you say it drunk," dropped by Late Night for an interview that aired early Thursday morning and talked about Tiger, poked fun at McIlroy's sponsor, and explained a little bit about what he does for a living.
McIlroy looked more Hollywood, Calif., than Hollywood, Northern Ireland, on the guest spot, but he held his own in the face of Fallon's fawning banter with some sharp, confident replies.
"You're the greatest golfer in the world, I would say," Fallon said as an introduction.
"So would I," McIlroy responded quickly. He's not lying.
On the topic of Tiger, who even Fallon noticed is fast becoming part of Rory's regular weekday tee time, McIlroy answered with the same bright repartee:
"I see you getting paired a lot with Tiger Woods when you're on the course," Fallon said. "You've said in a bunch of interviews that you look up to this guy -- that this is the guy you grew up with. And now you're beating him. You're playing against him and you're winning. Is it weird?"
"It might be weird for him," McIlroy said crisply, "I think it's great."
For you, Rory, yeah -- it's great. It's all great. Carry on, Lad. We'll see you in Atlanta.
Here's the rest of McIlroy's five minute segment, via Fallon's official website. Watch it: You don't want to miss The Roots' newest hit, the anthemic "GOLF!" that plays Rory in.

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