Thursday, August 16, 2012

Most golfers feel like they've been robbed by a course. Few can claim the opposite.
Unless they're from Maryland, that is, where a crew of thieves have hit been knocking over clubhouses since March, and remain at large, according to Brian Shane of The Daily Times in Salisbury, Md.:

Thieves so far have struck courses in five Shore counties. Police say the culprits are casing their targets ahead of time and arrive in the middle of the night. They cut the phone lines to disable the alarm system, gain entry and take cash, according to police.
"It's definitely the same crew," said Detective Alex Kagan with the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation. "It's an organized crew of people. It's a consistent pattern: method of entry, evidence of surveillance. It's not just random break-ins..."
"...It's not going to surprise me when we find out who these people are, that at least one of them has a link to the golf industry," said Kagan. "The fact that they're targeting a golf course speaks to something."

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